Welcome to Biodanza Southwest with Jill Goodwin

 The Dance of Life!

Guided creative dance and movement

No steps to learn. No partner needed.

Dance to connect….. Dance to heal

Dance for fun!

 An amazing dance based personal development system that improves vitality, confidence and joyful living in the moment! Biodanza increases our energy and motivation for life, it awakens our desires, helps us to bring more creativity, love, tenderness and friendship into our lives, feeling more connected with nature and humanity.


Biodanza workshops in Somerset and Devon: Weekly classes in Taunton, monthly Saturday workshops to be arranged.

Given by Jill Goodwin, a Didactic facilitator of Biodanza trained with the International Biocentric Foundation. Secretary of the Biodanza Association UK,  IBF logowww.biodanza.org
Website of the International Biocentric Foundation -the organisation that coordinates
Sistema Biodanza Rolando Toro worldwide.

Call Jill Goodwin on Tel: 01278 734538, Mob: 07765 961982 email Jill
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